The Aesthetic Skincare Center is a joint effort of Frank W. Shagets, MD and Talon Maningas, DO with one goal in mind: to provide care that prevents and treats the effects of aging on the skin. This has been a unique venture of these two physicians that will meld Dr. Shagets' 30 years of experience in facial plastic surgery and skincare with Dr. Maningas' new cutting edge training from his completed cosmetic surgery fellowship. Our Center boasts the latest in skincare light and laser therapy. We are currently equipped to deliver a variety of therapies. We also offer personally and scientifically evaluated skincare cosmeceuticals which will, in a cost effective manner, achieve superior results. 

Unique to The Aesthetic Skincare Center is our location in our shared building in Joplin, MO, which also houses the area's only stand-alone AAAHC accredited office-based surgery suite. With a physician trained and skilled in skincare and rejuvenative surgery on-site during virtually all procedures, an added layer of comfort, safety, and expertise is provided for our patients.